Marketing & rebranding with Steve Palfreyman

Marketing & Rebranding with Steve Palfreyman Liz Cirelli blog post

Hop inside the Daydream Believers group here and come join the movement that is empowering people to follow their dreams.


This month, the Daydream Believers were super privileged to have the awesome Steve Palfreyman come in and host a workshop for us. He took the time out to answer some pertinent questions the Dreamers had about marketing and rebranding:

  • What are the initial components needed when setting up a brand/rebranding?
  • Is there a set of key points needed to put in place for clear branding?
  • How do I develop a brand for myself that encompasses all the different creative things I do?
  • Should I concern myself with marketing, would there be an advantage beyond my web page to marketing and rebranding?
  • How do I market with an extremely limited budget?
  • How do you establish a brand and fanbase if you are a non-gigging musician? How best can I showcase my work?
  • What are the different avenues I can explore to market my feature-length horror film?
  • It seems there are tradeoffs to promoting your videos on facebook vs youtube. What is the best way to gain and leverage visibility?

Steve helps creative people thrive. He has a knack for turning ideas into strategies and simplifying the actions we take daily to grow our creative projects. He wants to leave one thing in the minds of others: that we can all make our mark on the world in ways that are good for humanity.

Connect with this incredibly inspirational human being:
Twitter: @StevePalfreyman

Thank you so much for stopping by – I hope you find this post useful to answer your marketing and rebranding needs!