Liz Cirelli - The Reluctant Butterfly (e-book)

This short e-book is a guide to realising your creative ambitions. It comes from my own experience: the challenges and obstacles I’ve had to face and overcome – and the lessons I’ve learned through the process. It is beautifully illustrated and included inside it are links for you to download a powerful morning motivation, a 4-track preview from my recent album, Awakening, and an invitation to join my free coaching community. It’s my free gift to you and you can download it here. No catches, no sign-ups – just a direct download, plain and simple. Thank you so much for being here.


Whether working 1-to-1 or within the group environment of my coaching community, Daydream Believers - my aim is to empower you to pursue your passions and achieve your dreams.

Some of the members of Daydream Believers got together so they could tell you themselves about how it's been helping them. If you're feeling inspired to join us, just click here. It's free.

We all have dreams. Even if we push them down and try to forget about them.

As a creative myself, I know the path of following your dreams is anything but easy.

We have to overcome so many challenges. So. Many. Obstacles.

I’m sure you’ve felt the excitement of a new hit of inspiration or a new idea – then been stopped in your tracks. I know I have. Too many times.

I understand the pain. I get how isolating it feels.

And I want to help you overcome that.

I want to help you reach your full potential.

I’m here to help you – to inspire you. In any way, I can.

If you’d like to work with me as your creative coach and mentor 1-on-1, what I offer will be tailored to your personal needs – which we’ll establish during your first call.

Amongst other things, your sessions with me will involve:

  • Establishing a bespoke routine that will promote maximum creative productivity and overall wellness

  • Learning how to set (and keep!) goals

  • Working on developing and maintaining a mindset that will enable you to reach your full potential

  • Changing your attitude if it needs to be changed

  • Strategies you can utilise to keep you motivated and inspired

  • Overcoming your blocks and obstacles

  • Helping you get totally clear on exactly it is that you wish to be achieving

I also do some lovely work that involves you tapping into your ultimate dream / your life’s purpose – and using that as an anchor to get clear on the steps you need to take in the present moment in order to realise it.

Sessions take place over Skype or Zoom and can be either video chat or voice chat only, depending on whichever is most comfortable for you. You will also receive as much email support from me as you need in between your sessions.

Please use the contact form below to get in touch and arrange your first session.

Thank you so much for being here – I really look forward to walking this journey with you.