Liz Cirelli

Driven by a deep love for how music is conceived, created, and produced – and a passion for guiding fellow musicians by educating them on how to make music, Liz is a sought-after mentor. Liz’s style of mentoring is what sets her apart: her natural ability to listen with a kind ear to inspire others to their greatness accompanied by her attention to detail and warm-hearted nature ensures your journey is handled with the utmost care and respect.

With her direct experience of how defeating, tiring, and at times frustrating it can feel to create music and have music be your career and passion, Liz holds your hand while she mentors you to find your unique expression and path. Since Liz has been graced with the same kind of mentors and coaches to support her in finding her centre when she’s been at wit’s end is why she is now paying it forward to help and encourage others.

Through those highs, lows and mids as an electronic music artist, producer, DJ, singer, songwriter, award-winning composer and mentor, she has DJd internationally, collaborated with world-renowned musicians such as Gavin Greenaway, been played on national UK radio, released various productions and composed music for film and advertising.

Her belief is: if she can do it, you can too! She’s accepting a small number of one-to-one mentorship clients.

Liz Cirelli - The Reluctant Butterfly (e-book)

A Free Gift

I’d love for you to have this free gift: a short and beautifully illustrated ebook. It is a guide to realising your creative ambitions, written from my own experience: the challenges and obstacles I’ve had to face and overcome – and the lessons I’ve learned through the process.