The Cirelli School of Music

Initially discovering her musical talent at the age of 11, Liz has grown into the epitome of a true musician with artistic ventures spanning genres and mediums to include DJ’ing, producing, composing, singing, writing, and much more.

As a producer, Liz has received national UK radio support on Scala Radio and has worked with Emmy-award winning composer, Gavin Greenaway. She celebrated a 10-year collaborative partnership with renowned violinist, Minski and her releases have received support from DJs such as Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Sasha, Laurent Garnier & John Digweed.

A now award-winning a composer, she wrote the soundtrack for the multi-award-winning short film, Triskelion and British independent feature film Art Is Dead. She has had a number of years of experience in the world of writing music for advertising, with clients and projects including work for EMI Production Music, 20th Century Fox, Nokia, Diesel, Bose, Sky TV, L’Oreal and directors Julian Schnabel and Stuart Birchall.

As a London-based DJ, she played regular gigs at the legendary venues The End, Turnmills and The Cross and hosted a weekly radio show on House FM. Internationally, she has been hosted in Russia, Colombia, Hong Kong, and India.

Covering this wide range of music creation and production, Liz is now offering her expertise to support others in their musical endeavours.

The 6-month course offers LIVE easy-to-follow classes about how to make music, build a foundation for a career in music and what kind of staying power it takes in today’s music industry.


Liz Cirelli: How to make your drums more interesting

What to Expect

Here’s a sample of just one of the awesome skills that you will learn from Liz’s course. Learn how to make your drums more interesting!

Course Description

Built for the music creatives, enthusiasts, or people who want to learn more about music production, or refine their studio skills, the audio-visual course will be delivered in weekly 30-minute classes and will include homework specifically designed to enable you to consolidate and fully understand what was covered during the lesson.

The course will cover all the foundational topics needed to set you up for creating music. We will cover how to program a beat, understanding and using chords, arranging, working with vocals, using audio effects, basic synthesis, mixing and mastering with confidence – and some really fun techniques on how to write super catchy hooks and riffs!

Lessons will be shown using Ableton, but the principles getting taught are universally applicable across all DAWs. Great care and planning have been taken into consideration as to not alienate anybody as a result of DAW choice and as such, you will be able to translate everything to your preferred music production platform.

The live music production classes have begun, but you’re welcome to join at any time! All classes are recorded and sent out to students so you can study in your own time.

If you’d like to tune in to the LIVE classes, they take place each Thursday at 7pm London, UK / 8pm Central Europe / 2pm New York / 11am Los Angeles. All classes will be followed by a live Q&A session, during which you will be able to have any questions about the class answered immediately.



What People Are Saying

“I had the pleasure of crossing paths with Liz when she was suggested as a remix artist for my album, Woven. Not only was I impressed with the level of her creativity and ability to deliver stunning and original interpretations of my work, I was also very impressed with the speed at which she was able to deliver the work. A true professional and master of her craft, Liz is an absolute pleasure to work with and I look forward to collaborating with her again on future projects.”

Gavin Greenaway, Emmy Award-Winning Composer


“Liz and I have been collaborators for over 10 years and since day one, it’s been an absolute pleasure to work with her. I’ve always loved how curious she is to experiment with different genres and push the boundaries of musical style – collaborating with her really has felt like the ultimate creative, transformative and genre-defying experience! The way we complement each other’s musicality is magical – and Liz’s commitment both to her craft and the music consistently shines through. Since I’ve known her she has gone from strength to strength – constantly growing and improving.”

Minski, Long-Time Collaborator and Renowned Violinist


“I have had the good fortune to know and work with Liz for many years. Her dedication to her craft is unwavering and she works tirelessly to ensure her distinct contribution to any piece enhances and captivates its audience, whilst somehow always making it seem effortless! Liz brings passion and inspiration to every challenge.”

Stuart Birchall, Director of the multi-award-winning short film, Triskelion


“I have worked with Liz repeatedly since 2016 and it is always a pleasure to work with her. She is a truly dedicated and committed composer and producer and approaches every project with utmost attention to detail and creativity. She will do everything it takes to ensure projects are delivered, not just on time, but to the highest standard possible.”

Judy Sichlinger, Producer, EMI Production Music

Course Outline

Here’s a glance at the Music Production Course Curriculum:

Setting strong foundations

  • Week 1: Mindset management and the importance of being organised
  • Week 2: Basic music theory: rhythm & metre
  • Week 3: The difference between audio and MIDI & how to program a beat
  • Week 4: Basic drum EQing and compression

The cornerstones of music-making

  • Week 1: Basic music theory: pitch
  • Week 2: Basic music theory: scales
  • Week 3: Basic music theory: key signatures
  • Week 4: Building basic chords: triads

Building a melody

  • Week 1: How to program a basic melody and create interesting sounds using reverb and delay
  • Week 2: Music theory: basic cadences using triads
  • Week 3: How to use a synthesizer and basic built-in synth effects
  • Week 4: The circle of 5ths

Power tools

  • Week 1: Chord progressions using the circle of 5ths and how to write a melody line
  • Week 2: Making things sound interesting: arranging and innovative use of effects part 1
  • Week 3: Innovative use of effects part 2: building effects racks and using macro controls
  • Week 4: How to approach a remix

Secret tips that will change everything

  • Week 1: Audio mixing: a deeper exploration into compression and EQ. Audio routing to create depth.
  • Week 2: Secret tips part 1: how to create breakdowns, build-ups and how to make your arrangement interesting.
  • Week 3: Secret tips part 2: basslines that are audible on any sound system (including laptops), how to give your drop more power!
  • Week 4: Working with vocals

How to achieve a polished sound

  • Week 1: Making vocals sound pro: advanced editing and mixing
  • Week 2: Be sure of your mix, wherever you are: A/Bing
  • Week 3: An introduction to mastering: in the studio or on the move
  • Week 4: You get what you give – a new definition of networking



Within the field of music, Liz’s clients and projects have included work for EMI Production Music, 20th Century Fox, Nokia, Diesel, Bose, Sky TV, L’Oreal and directors Julian Schnabel and Stuart Birchall. If you have a dream inside you and you’re committed to making it happen, let’s chat.