The Cirelli School of Music

What People Are Saying

Liz Cirelli is by far the best teacher I could have ever asked for. What has impressed me the most about her teaching style is her attention to detail and her level of meticulousness. It is thanks to her that I am able to express myself musically and do so with confidence. I highly recommend her to anyone that wants to learn about making music. Her knowledge on the subject is beyond anything I have seen and I am forever grateful to have joined the Cirelli School Of Music. It is an honour and a privilege to be under her tutelage. Thank you for everything Liz, you are the best!”


“Thanks for having launched this course. I feel inspired motivated and supported. It’s great to see how connected we are as a group – already lots of ideas coming out, different vibes and most importantly, positivity!”


“Liz has a very admirable teaching style – she is very friendly, totally approachable and has unquestionable desire to help you no matter what your level of knowledge.  The lessons are really well structured, easy to understand and totally manageable especially if you know absolutely nothing about the topic.   I cannot recommend Liz’s course highly enough!”


Liz is a great teacher and mentor. Not only am I excited to learn about making music with her expertise and knowledge in the field but also in developing the right mindset and becoming more focused and grounded with her guidance. She has a very calm and approachable nature and the structure of the course being spread out over 6 months is very helpful as it leaves space for creation. I’m very grateful to be on this journey with her. Thank you.”


“The Liz Cirelli music production course has really helped me get my inspiration back. Her lifetime of musical skill and experience across a range of instruments, software and production techniques with a limitless amount of enthusiasm and spiritual energy, it feels like there’s no more dedicated or caring a tutor.

Nothing like the previous production course I have done, this isn’t a DAW specific software course, it’s about all aspects of producing music from motivation and organisation to getting your ideas down and releasing them with tons of tech, theory and ‘how-to’ along the way.

Aside from the online video lessons, the resources and the interactivity with the other students is worth the fee alone. I feel part of a talented, passionate, mutually supportive new production family working and collaborating with rank beginners to established top-selling artists who recognise the never-ending opportunity to learn and develop. I’ve never encountered anything like it. Not to be missed.”

Jon Davies

“Top-notch in-depth teaching that simplifies and covers key material and goes beyond the classroom, delivering a supportive community experience. Liz goes beyond the status quo with a strong focus on teaching, mentoring and developing aspiring artists like you. Sharing insights, knowledge and skills developed over a hugely successful career, the value delivered is pure gold and will fast track you reaching your goals, developing and unleashing all your creative talents. Definitely top shelf and recommended, don’t sleep.”

Remi Blaze

Liz Cirelli is one of the most creative, compassionate and conscientious individuals I have ever met. I am thankful each day for enrolling in her program and am finding the entire course to be highly organized, tremendously informative, and fun. Liz delivers her content clearly and concisely and makes the process of creating music feel comfortable and inviting. She goes above and beyond any teacher I have ever learned from and she enables her students to step into their own creative magic by providing strategies that are both easy and enjoyable to implement right away. I highly recommend The Cirelli School of Music to anyone who has always dreamed of tapping into their creative musical spirit but are not sure of where to start or how to go about it. Whether you are completely new or a seasoned musician/producer, she can bring you to the next level and beyond! Liz Cirelli has a gift and we are all blessed to be able to receive and share her wonderful gift with others. Thank you, Liz!!”

Carlos Perez

“Being a student of Liz’s has been everything I expected – and much more. Her knowledge is beyond anyone’s I’ve worked with in the music industry and her humility and willingness to answer all our questions has been very big in motivating me in making more music and studying more. Having never formally studied music, I’ve always been intimidated from talking to professionals and teachers but with Liz, I feel like I can reach out to her whenever I want and get an amazing response from her. Signing up with her has been the best musical investment I made and I really look forward to our next lessons!”


“Really happy to have started Liz’s course! Not only is Liz helping us understand, in a very organised and easy way, how to program music, she is also inspiring and helping us grow on a personal level. Music people are creative and in a way very sensitive and are more productive if they are feeling understood and supported. Liz’s course provides exactly that, as we are part of a community helping, supporting and motivating each other. Highly recommended!”

Sylvie Gabriel