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Daydream Believers Podcast hosted by Liz Cirelli

For this month’s episode, I sat down with the awesome and inspirational Bree Noble. As well as being a music marketing and business coach extraordinaire, Bree is also a music artist and host of the award-winning podcast, Women Of Substance Radio.

Bree and I covered the juicy topics of mindset and how to smash through overwhelm, fear and limiting beliefs. We also touched on her 5 stages of music career growth, relating the marketing element of these stages to a career in any creative field, not just music.

We chatted through her inspirational life-story and some enormous leaps of faith that she took in order to transform her life. She is living proof that anything is possible when we are truly committed.

We also touched on how vulnerability connects people and how, by far, the best way to sell your music, is to share your story with your audience. It’s all about connection!

5 Stages Of Career Growth:

  1. Foundation level: Build email list to 100 and get good performance experience

  2. Promotion level: get yourself out there, live streams, getting press, moving to house concerts and smaller gigs, build email list to 500

  3. Expansion level: Bigger gigs, more ways to build fan base, get help!

  4. Automation level: Get things automated: email funnels that introduce people to more of your music when they join your email list

  5. Professional level: time to do some big crowdfunding campaigns and look for a manager/label if that’s what you want.

Here are the questions that were submitted by members of my coaching community, Daydream Believers:

Xabiso: How does the business world in music compare to the business world in general (retail, investment, entrepreneurship)? Also when marketing an album for release, what are the most effective marketing strategies and implementation methods that you recommend?

Ryan: How do you overcome inertia, even on the days where you really felt like doing nothing? And how do you tell the difference between being lazy and actually needing a day off due to burnout, exhaustion, a particularly painful event and things like that?

Matthew: How can we overcome the fear of failure and channel negative energy to positive ends?

Matthew: I’m very interested to know what the 5 stages of musical career growth are. I am not currently a performing artist, and I wonder if this is something I should be doing. Some insight into career growth targets would be useful!

And one from me: In the ever-increasing rapidity of the world, it seems that, in order to be a successful creative, one needs to have multiple fingers on multiple pulses/platforms. But this often leads us to feel overwhelmed and start wheel-spinning. Do we really need to be everywhere, all the time – or is it better to focus on one or two platforms and build a really strong following on those? What are some strategies you recommend for effective multitasking?

Asana is the productivity tool Bree mentioned.

Masterclass on The Five Stages:

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