Emotional Empowerment, Self-healing and Self-Connection with Veronica Amarelle

Daydream Believers Podcast hosted by Liz Cirelli

For this month’s episode of the Daydream Believers podcast, I was super excited to explore emotional empowerment, self-healing and self-connection with life coach and wellbeing specialist, Veronica Amarelle from Healed Soles.

Veronica focuses on helping people deeply connect to their own inner wisdom and ability to self-heal. It is through nurturing this deep connection to the self that we can feel a deep sense of emotional stability and empowerment in our day to day lives. This then increases our ability to design and live life in a way that’s inspiring, uplifting and in alignment with our best possible realities.

She has spent 12 years studying energy healing, life coaching and numerous different healing modalities and has created an incredible course tying together some of the best techniques to teach people how to master their own emotions and how to feel more stable and deeply connected to life.

During this episode, we spoke at length about how you can tap into your own inner-wisdom to bring all that you dream into your reality.

Would you like to learn how to connect to your own inner wisdom and learn how to self-heal? Would you like to know how to maintain a deep sense of emotional stability and empowerment so you can design your life in a way that’s in alignment with your best possible realities? We hope this podcast episode will do its part in helping you get there.

Here are the questions we covered that were submitted by members of  my coaching community, Daydream Believers:

Tim: How do we heal from deep shame? What about if we don’t like ourselves and struggle to love ourselves?

Munir: Hi Liz. I think it was you who made the statement “Find your tribe” and it really resonated with me ever since. I don’t know if that fits in with Veronica’s scope for the podcast (hello!) but would appreciate hearing more about finding one’s tribe.

Reid: well we all know how hard it is to make your dreams a reality, how do I successfully prioritize self-time against all the work? I always seem to leave taking care of myself to the end, and it often doesn’t happen. Any guidance?

Ryan: I have a question. How can I stay steady inside against anything that happens, no matter how serious it may be? I suffer from agoraphobia, anxiety disorders, and PTSD, and a fear of dentistry and surgery. I also have autism which makes a lot of things tough or impractical for me.

How can I find peace within myself in a world where something like a health scare or any sudden urgent event, in general, could knock me off my rocker?

Xabiso: I am very in touch with my emotions. Sometimes this can really get in the way of me being logical and calculated. I can sometimes be stoic too. How do I find a good balance between the two?

Matthew: I find I take on board other people’s emotions very easily. Have you any strategies for keeping centred when dealing with an emotional situation or person?

General strategies for maintaining positive focus and energy day to day would also be very helpful.

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