How to be unstoppable with Ryan Smith

Daydream Believers Podcast hosted by Liz Cirelli

For May’s episode of the Daydream Believers podcast, Liz was super excited to welcome as one of our guests a Dreamer himself – Ryan Smith.

Ryan is a prolific creative. He is also autistic and that makes a lot of things hard or impractical for him. But he hasn’t let that stop him.

One thing he’s learned in life is that some people were dealt good cards…others were given more challenging ones. That said, he believes everyone has one mighty trump card that only they have or can play. The cards Ryan was dealt are not easy to play – but he’s come to realise that his power card is his imagination – his creativity – and he has learned to harness that.

During this episode, our aim was to encourage people who have a big idea or a dream, and who know they’re on a very different path, especially if the dream is difficult to do. People who come from very difficult backgrounds or have handicaps, like Ryan.

We discussed how we can play to our strengths and use them to outplay our shortcomings – how we can use our unique insights to get to where we want to be in life – and of course, we answered the questions submitted by members of Liz’s Patreon and Daydream Believers coaching community.


  1. How to do a hands-on approach to overcome external or self-inflicted hurdles on the way to self-fulfilment. I mean, you got a goal but you stumble on the way. Would be nice with some practical advice, wouldn’t it? I know it sounds a little silly but I saw people struggle with simple things like not getting free from work to participate at an event, didn’t get the funds together to buy proper tools (gear) or have no clue where to find essential pieces of information needed. Guess we all had that at one time in our life, but we overcame that, right?
  2. Where should you plant your goal? Far, far away so it takes a long time to reach or just close enough, so you get there in a blink of an eye. Goals can be changed and set at any time in life. Should you have a few or many?
  3. If you’re going through an inspirational drought, all creativity fell off and you feel empty, how to gain momentum again and fill yourself with energy? Can you guys talk about that too?


  1. Has Ryan experienced any extra “gifts” in his life in terms of talents or abilities that sometimes accompany autism?
  2. What is Ryan’s philosophy of life?
  3. How does Ryan view the typical goals and targets of today’s world culture – specifically the popular “goals” and “targets” that are often pushed and taught such as “how to become (singularly) successful,” “how to rise above the competition,” “how to acquire more money and attention,” — without reference to helping others or being of service to your environment and the people in it?
  4. What advice does Ryan have for people who struggle with down days, frustration and overwhelm?


  1. How did Ryan get into his passion for art and animation?
  2. What has he learned along the way as a creative?
  3. What drives and motivates him?
  4. What does he do for fun?


  1. What have been the most effective fundraising platforms for creative projects that he has used and what approach has Ryan found that works best for him engaging with his supporters and potential audience?

If you’d like to delve a little deeper into Ryan’s world, here are some of the ways you can connect with him:

The Patreon page of Uniques United which has information about the cartoon:

His Twitch stream for people who want to watch a chilled out, relaxing, fun-filled gamer 😊

And for those who wish to support him personally, here is his Ko-fi page:

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