Am I good enough?

Daydream Believers Podcast hosted by Liz Cirelli

Big dreams, big visions. Most, if not all of us, have them. But why do seemingly so few of us see these dreams come true?

There are of course myriad reasons as to why, but for this post, I’m going to focus on the concept of being ‘good enough’.

A lot of us get stuck on our projects because we either want what we deliver to be as good as it can be, or we don’t consider ourselves to be good enough to put ourselves out there.

Of course, we all need to deliver material that is going to be pleasurable for our audience to receive, but we must not let ourselves get tripped up by this concept of everything having to be perfect.

Perfectionism is in itself a form of egoism – but I’ll be talking more about that in a few weeks!

So many times I’ve not taken action on something because I haven’t found the perfect way of delivering it, or I’ve felt that I wasn’t good enough to do it just yet. For example, I stopped singing for 10 years because I thought my voice sounded horrible and that I couldn’t sing properly. It’s taken me that long to gain the confidence to start singing again.

In thinking along these lines, I decided to really tap into the main reasons that we feel, or act like we are not good enough to pursue, or become involved in some activity that vitally interests us.

Lets look at some of what I believe to be, the most relevant reasons that we do not feel good enough to pursue our passions.

  1. We have been through most of our lives being told by others that we must follow a certain ritual, or believe in certain ways before we will be socially acceptable to others.
  2. We have listened to others who are critical of us in ways that are not conducive to our growth or progression. This type of criticism is usually delivered to us to deliberately stop us in our tracks. If we listen to this pessimistic view, we allow it to have authority over us – and inevitably it holds us back in pursuing our goals and passions. Don’t get me wrong – good constructive criticism – the type that helps you become better at what you do – is vital, but non-constructive criticism that is meant for no other reason than to put you down, should be discarded immediately!
  3. We have not bought into ourselves fully and completely. We have been told that we were good by others, but deep down inside, we just do not believe that it could be true about us.
  4. Throughout our entire lives we have handed over our personal responsibilities to some type of authority who has dominion over us. This causes major conflict within ourselves, as we think we know what is best for us, but the authorities inside our being are always telling us this is not the case.
  5. We are not listening to our inner voice. Our inner voice, the essence of who we are in the physical world, is , or should be, our perfect guide and counsellor. Too often, we do not listen, nor respond to what that inner voice is telling us. Therefore, the conflict begins.

These are a few reasons to think about in the coming days, weeks and months. We can, and should always be, the captain of our souls, and the masters of our own fate.

How did I get over my feelings of not being good enough? By continuously and tirelessly working as hard as I can at my art – and by reaching out for support.

I now work with an incredible music production mentor, Gary Gray – who not only identifies and destroys the lies that are holding me back, but also offers me incredible tuition to help me grow and develop my skills as a music maker. I do my singing practice every single day, and I spend countless hours in the studio – learning, experimenting – and doing so with patience, perseverance and with pure, pure passion.

The more familiar we become with our art, the longer we spend honing and nurturing our craft, the more our confidence grows. And as our confidence grows, so the feelings of not being good enough dwindle.

It is time for us to realise our full potentials, and begin to listen to ourselves for a change, and never to the outside forces that choose to hinder our progress!

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