The danger of comparing yourself to others

Daydream Believers Podcast hosted by Liz Cirelli

This week I’d love to share with you my thoughts on the danger of comparing yourself to others.

I’d like to begin by establishing the fact that what one man or woman can do, another man or woman can do!

In life, we seem to take heros in all shapes and forms. We seem to believe that someone is better than us, stronger than us, smarter than us, more talented than us and everyone is so much better than we can ever hope to be.

This type of thinking is not only damaging, it is just not true.

The one thing that separates us from anyone else is US – it’s what goes on inside our minds! We all are the same, despite convincing ourselves that we are all so different. We all have talents, creativity, passion, gifts, traits, emotions – and all the other great things that make us unique, also make us the same!

What One Man or Woman Can Do Another Man or Woman Can Do!

Of course there are creative geniuses in the world, or are there really? Are there just people who are willing to dig just a little bit deeper within themselves to find that little piece of creativity that others miss?

Are there people that live differently because they are chosen? Or, is it just that they are willing to do what none of the rest of us are willing to do to find that one special piece of the missing puzzle that will mean the difference between success and failure?

We all have special talents. The trick is that we have to KNOW that we have those talents somewhere within us. Too often, we are constricted by drama, bad thoughts, negative thinking patterns, negative habits and all the rest of the human drama that we are too clouded in. These distractions prevent us from making a difference in our life.

What We Think Is What We Become

You may have heard all of the positive thinking gurus in life talking about being positive. You may think that is a ploy to sell yet another book. Whilst this might be the case for some, there is truth in what they are trying to sell. What we think is exactly what we will become in our life. Think good, happy, peaceful and loving thoughts – approach life with an attitude of gratitude – and guess what you will get?

Good, happy, peaceful, loving and abundant life!

I know life is not always sunshine and lollipops – I’ve been to some really dark places throughout my life, some of which I couldn’t see the way out of at the time. But – life’s challenges are sent to help us grow. If we are able to surrender to the lessons being presented to us, rather than resist them, we evolve, we learn, we grow.

There is something extraordinarily magical about the universe – and tapping into this magic can fortify our lives with an eternal flow of goodness and beauty . It is simple to do: it’s just a matter of choosing the way that we are going to think and live, and the way that we will design the fabric of our existence while here on this planet in order for it to make a positive difference. Not just to us, but to everyone around us – and to the rest of humanity.

We all have to have our heros, but do we really? We are always busy thinking that someone is so much better, stronger, braver and better able to handle this crazy wonderful thing called life. But do heros exist? Actually, they do, but only if we allow them to be visible to us. A hero is someone that we think or believe can do something that we cannot do. If you have been following this summary at all, you will know this…

What One Man or Woman Can Do, Another Man or Woman Can Do

This is not some glorified theory. This is an absolute fact. All that we have to do to be able to do this is to believe it. This is as simple, and as complicated as life is. To be able to live this way, investing every single iota of our energy into the unshakable belief in possibility, it will make a profound impact upon your life – and in how our lives are seen by others.

Simplify! Simplify! Simplify!

Henry David Thoreau, a great thinker, philosopher, evolutionary and creative mind, was a master at making statements such as this. In reality, this statement is the very core of everything that can be the deciding difference in the way that we live.

There is nothing at all complicated about life. Life simply is. We complicate life by the way that we think. Therefore, since we have already discovered that our thinking is something that we CAN control, then the trajectory of our life is something we can also control.

Simply lose the bad, the negative, the unnecessary, the drama and all the heavy stuff, and get to the very core of you. Here, you will uncover the most rare and precious of all gifts. You will discover YOU. And what a beautiful discovery that will be in your life. Finally, after all the toil, struggle, strain and drama, you will unlock the very secret that people search for, and never find.


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