The true nature of creativity

Daydream Believers Podcast hosted by Liz Cirelli

I’d like to talk about where our creativity comes from. I’m a spiritual person, so relate to the world in spiritual terms.

I believe our creativity is a gift to us from the Divine and that we’re all creative. But for some, their conditioning and resulting thought patterns have become so dense that they have totally lost touch with their inherent creative nature.

We were created – so it makes sense that we have the ability to create inherent within us. We can create physically, in that we can create new life. We can also create energetically and mentally – our thoughts are our creations. We create our reality by way of the thoughts we chose to entertain. We are all creators.

So – our ability to be creative is a gift from the Divine. It expresses itself through our creativity – and in doing so, rejoices. Simultaneously, in allowing the Divine to express itself through us, we are also giving it glory – and if we were all doing that, imagine how magical this world would be…the Divine intelligence that creates us, does after all, only want the best for us 🙂

But…just as the Divine rejoices in us expressing our creative gifts, so there is an opposing force doing its best to prevent us from expressing these gifts. It does this in different ways: it tries to convince us that we’re not creative at all, it paralyses us with fear – and it also corrupts our dreams and turns them into ego-based desires. This force wants to keep us trapped and disempowered – because it needs our energy in order to survive. Yes, vampires do exist – just perhaps not in the way they have been presented to us by Hollywood.

When I began looking at things this way, it changed everything for me. It made me more determined than ever to follow the call of my heart – to live out my role on this tiny pale blue dot we call Earth.

I’ll be talking about the fear thing in next week’s broadcast, but for this week, I wanted to hone-in on mistaking dreams that come from a place of pure passion, with desires that come from a place of ego.

The former is what we should all be concentrating on manifesting – this is what will enrich our lives and the lives of others. Some refer to it as a ‘life-purpose’. The latter must be recognised for what it is – a grasping for recognition because we are unable to fully appreciate ourselves. We are not here to manifest fast cars or fat bank accounts – if they result as a by-product of you pursuing your dream from a place of pure passion, great – but then remember it is your duty to be philanthropic with your blessings and use them to help others.

Music has always been my passion, but it used to be a very ego-driven thing. I wanted fame and fortune, but I didn’t want to work for it – and I got very angry and resentful when I didn’t get what I wanted.

I also used to very much follow ‘the path of least resistance’ theory, whereby if things seem a struggle, one should interpret it wasn’t meant to be. However, herein lies a dichotomy because we do need to work hard to turn our dreams into a reality.

It has been a struggle for me to follow my dream of doing music full time. I often felt like I was dragging a huge boulder up a never-ending hill and a lot of the time I questioned whether this was in fact ‘what I should be doing’ – because it was such a struggle.

But once I was able to drop the desires of the ego and follow my dream from a place of pure passion, magic started to happen. I started to work hard. Really hard. And willingly – joyfully even. The more I persisted, the more confident I became – not just creatively, but also as a human being. I felt more complete – I felt more of my true essence coming through – and with each step forward I took, doors opened.

I felt less fear. Not just surrounding my creativity, but generally. Long-standing health issues faded away and life began to take on an entirely new energy and feel.

So – if you feel called to do something, but it feels like a struggle to do it – my advice to you would be to go ahead and do it. Sacrifice whatever you need to in order to fulfil that desire, because the fulfilment of that desire will not only heal you on a physical level, but will also bring you amounts of happiness that are almost inconceivable.

In doing so, you are also sending out a tiny ripple of positive energy into the world and universe.

Our dreams were put inside us by a higher intelligence that knows what is best for all of us. It is our duty and our responsibility to follow our dreams, no matter how challenging the journey may be. And it is imperative that we do it from a place of pure passion.

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