Yoda Speaks with Gary Gray

Daydream Believers Podcast hosted by Liz Cirelli

I’m so excited to share this two-part podcast episode with you, during which I chatted with The Master himself: my dear friend and mentor, Gary Gray.

Gary is an award-winning composer/songwriter/producer/engineer – and helped me mix/master my album, Awakening.

Besides being an accomplished musician, Gary is the author of the “The Home Studio Bible,” and is considered one of the top mentors in the entertainment industry. It’s an honour and a privilege to be his student.

His clients include 20th Century Fox, The Disney Music Group, Hollywood Records, and of course yours truly!

One of the reasons Gary is regarded so highly in the industry is that he approaches each person as a whole, and does not just “teach.”

Whether you’re in the music industry or not, this is a Podcast you WON’T want to miss. Trust me!

Gary refers to life as being “brutiful” – a combination of brutal and beautiful. He has learned that humans tend to put up with a lot of the brutal side of life for small glimpses and short moments of the beautiful side of existence. How can we help each other tip the scale so that more and more of our day-to-day lives are less brutal – and more beautiful?

And on the painfully practical side of life – how do we determine when we are being fed myths and brainwashed in the entertainment industry? How can we know when we are being led down a path of truth in our own crafts and our own careers?

Gary developed a lifetime of wisdom by surviving through what he calls, “Years of Trial & Terror.” His goal is to help others avert the mistakes he made along the way by sharing his experience, wisdom and education. He made it a point to seek out the best mentors he could find in order to figure out the mystery of success and what it really means. He was extremely fortunate to acquire mentors such as Phil Collins, Phil Ramone, Quincy Jones, Chick Corea and other legendary greats.

Gary considers seeking happiness and self-success to be an unfortunate and ill-conceived target, brought about by the blind-leading-the-blind mentality in today’s “me me me” culture. The way Gary explains it, “I strive for myself, and for my students, to focus on one activity that, in my opinion, defines true success, and will absolutely lead to a deep and meaningful happiness that no one can take away from you: and that one activity is very simple: HELPING. Helping other people, helping your family, helping the community. Being responsible first to yourself, yes, but for the purpose of helping others as a primary activity in your life.”

How do you navigate your day-to-day life, full of stress, financial worries, non-stop texts, emails, social media posts and IMs, in such a way where you can and do help others and achieve true and meaningful success that many never experience? A secret that may surprise you – Gary believes that action is the best therapy, that productive successful accomplishment is the best meditation that exists, that watching someone else do better in life from your efforts is the best medicine ever invented, and that discipline and hard work are the best cure for the soul, the mind and the body.

As you can see, this is a podcast packed with gold. The way Gary puts it, “Every time I help someone, I find that that person ends up helping me just as much, if not more – and that I learn something new. The one thing I learn over and over again is that I always need to learn more!”

Tune in – and learn from one of the most inspiring people I know. Part 2 will be coming next month…stay tuned!

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