How To Be A Successful Creative with Greg Wilnau

Daydream Believers Podcast hosted by Liz Cirelli

On this episode, we’re joined by Greg Wilnau, founder of Musician Monster: a website which exists to remind musicians of the truth that musicians have it within themselves to become prosperous. Together with his wife, Greg also runs Wilnau Design: a web design company whose focus is designing beautiful websites that will grow your business. I was really taken aback by his sheer awesomeness when we had our very first chat back in the early spring. He’s an exceptional human being with a powerful mindset, who intentionally wants to help people. We chatted about creative ways people can make money from their art, how to overcome obstacles to achieve the life of your dreams – and how to set up a website that reflects your life’s purpose. We also talked heavily about the importance of our mindset.

During our conversation, we answered questions submitted by members of my coaching community, Daydream Believers:

1. I’m working really hard at licensing my music. I feel like sending music off to publishers is a vague way to get this done. Are there ways to get to know producers and publishers in such a way that would mean they really take an interest?

2. How do you deal with a major setback that can cause you to question everything that you are doing in a negative way? I had a huge set back in college and am finding that I have become entirely demotivated in pursuing it and rededicating myself.

3. Personal branding is a subject I feel I need to embrace along with a supporting website but feel intimidated by as I don’t know how to present myself and also don’t feel confident to make decisions on visual things like fonts/graphics/logos. So any getting started tips for that would be greatly appreciated. Plus while I have various social media accounts for my WeAreWeTogether name I’m not sure if just using my actual name would not be better for a promo site for my writing.

The branding PDF Greg referred to can be found here:“Three Ways To Brand Your Music You’ve Probably Never Heard Of”

The how to make money PDF can be found here

The book Greg recommended (and so do I!) is The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey.

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