The importance of being you

Daydream Believers Podcast hosted by Liz Cirelli

Following on from my last post about the danger of comparing ourselves to others, I thought it would be helpful to talk about the importance of being you.

Who we are is precisely what is stamped down, squashed, belittled and ridiculed in so many of us, that most of us have no clue who we really are – which then leads us to become severed from that most precious of gifts – our very own unique essence.

Once this occurs, we become weak – and fall prey to the pull of fear. This is fuelled by the barrage of negativity fed to us by the mainstream media. On a daily basis, several times a day we are told that we are somehow inadequate.

We are sold an illusion of glamour, fame and fortune – but it is nothing more than that – an illusion. A lie.

We buy into this non-reality they sell us, believing with each passing day that we are more and more inadequate. We try to fill that void through external stimulus.

Unsurprisingly, nothing works – because the paraphernalia we are surrounding ourselves with, or the excess we are consuming, is not the remedy.

Answering the call of your heart is. And this takes courage. It takes resilience, determination, commitment, dedication and perseverance. It requires us to act right in the face of our fears.

These qualities only start to shine once we get in touch – and become comfortable with who we really are. Because they require humility.

Once we humble ourselves, we are able to be ourselves. And when this happens our special unique gifts that we were made to share with the world, start emerging from us.

It’s not about what you play or how well you play it, it’s about expressing YOU in your art. Expressing the essence you were born to express. You will meet resistance in the quest to achieving this. A lot of it. Carry on, through the resistance.

Successful artists are successful because they have committed to doing the hard work that allows them to express what they were meant to express. One artist’s expression is not the same as your expression.

The most damaging thing you can do on the journey to uncovering your own unique expression is to compare yourself to others. Stop doing this. Instead, start focussing on honing your own craft, in your own way. On a daily basis.

In our ongoing quest to discover gems of wisdom, love and goodness that help us all to live better, be better, think better and do better in life, we all have to remember one simple, yet not easy to obtain thing about ourselves.

We will do, say and live almost every way possible before we will look in the mirror one blessed day, and be able to say with full and beautiful confidence, “I am perfect just as I am.”

On that most beautiful of all days in our lives, we will begin unfolding all of the mysteries of this thing that we call life. Everything will begin to magically unfold for us.

We will be able to actually love someone again. We will be able to move mountains if that is our destiny. We will write the novel, sing the song, build the building, and absolutely and positively be able to do exactly what we set out to do.

In this most magical of moments within our existence, all of our demons, our self doubt, our indecision, our fear, our uncertainty of all things in our life will magically disappear, and we will once again be able to tap into the ebb and flow of the universe and live exactly the way that we were intended to live.

Once this starts to occur, we begin to experience an inner peace and joy that nothing else can match.

No Boundaries, No Limits, No Fear, No Holding Us Back!

We Are Perfect Just As We Are!

And what a beautiful thing this is!

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