The magic of gratitude

The magic of gratitude Daydream Believers podcast by Liz Cirelli blog post

Gratitude. It goes so much deeper than simply being polite. When we are able to shift our minds into a grateful state, it changes the energy we emit – which therefore changes the energy we attract.

Of course, it’s easy in theory, but life can be challenging and hard. A lot. Plus, our social conditioning doesn’t exactly do us many favours in most cases.

I spent a large portion of my life residing in emotional states that were anything but grateful. Arrogance, bitterness, anger, resentment, jealousy were frequently if not permanently on the menu. I expected everything, but, according to my perspective, received nothing. And guess what? This just made me even more angry, bitter, jealous and resentful.

These negative emotional cycles controlled me because back then I didn’t know any better. I hadn’t yet developed the awareness needed to change. Then slowly, information started coming to me that freed me from my bondage.

I realised I had a choice. I realised I was actually the one who was in control of my mind – and not the other way around. I began to understand that the way I was choosing to behave – the emotional states I was choosing to reside in, were destructive and were not serving me or anyone surrounding me. I chose therefore to begin the process of change.

It was uncomfortable and painful, because choosing to change meant that I first had to acknowledge those darker aspects of my personality, then I had to stop fighting them. Over time I began to realise that these emotional states were obstructing me from experiencing true happiness, were preventing me from receiving and experiencing the magic that is life.

Slowly but surely, I learned how to get out of my own way…I made a conscious choice to let the arrogance go, and I started adopting humility. That was scary for me, because I had built up the arrogant side of my persona as a defence mechanism to prevent me for getting hurt. But then I came to realise that if people chose to take advantage of my humility, that is their issue, not mine. I realised I could choose whether or not to be hurt by someone.

The more I embraced humility, the more I was able to become grateful. And the more gratitude I was able to exude, the more beautiful life became. I came to fully understand the nature of the expression that one must become humble to be able to stand before God. Or, to put it another way, one must become humble in order to experience the magnificent beauty and magic of life – to experience love in its purest most potent form (and I’m not referring to human love here, I’m referring to the love that is the Divine).

Humility is the key for the gate – and gratitude is the energy that swings the gate wide open.

Humility also enables us to acknowledge that life always gives us exactly what we need, even if it isn’t what we want. If we are able to accept it and be grateful for it, rather than resist it, we will find that what we’ve been wishing for is contained within the experience. It will always provide us with a valuable opportunity for growth – which can even serve to help us help others.

In a hurting world where individualism and selfishness are rife, gratitude and humility are, from my perspective, the antidote. After gaining the knowledge of how to use the gifts of humility and gratitude, our focus should not be on material gain, but rather on how we can serve as a collective to heal the hurts of the world. The Divine intelligence in all things knows best – and if we are able to submit to humility and gratitude with a pure heart, we can rest safe in the knowledge that this infinite intelligence will guide us along the right path. Not just for our own self-gain, but for the benefit of all.

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