Overcoming fear – part 1

Daydream Believers Podcast hosted by Liz Cirelli

Last week I touched on where I consider fear to come from in spiritual terms: from my perspective, it is a method employed by the darker forces at play on this planet to keep us from expressing our creative gifts. Why? Because our creative expression is also the gateway to our empowerment – and I’m talking experientially when I say that!

I’ve had to overcome quite the collection of fears in order to start achieving my dream of working in music full time. There was the fear of financial lack, fear of failure, fear of judgement, fear of not being good enough, it was all fear fear fear!

I tried all sorts of tactics to overcome fear – feeling it as excitement made sense to me, but it didn’t work – all I felt was still fear. Paralysing fear. Another way to overcome fear is to do it anyway – and this appealed to me, but the fear I felt was so paralysing I literally couldn’t move beyond it.

What finally freed me from the clutches of fear was entertaining the thought that maybe, just maybe, there was something greater than me trying to manipulate my thoughts and keep me paralysed in fear, because by doing so it had my energy – and without it, it could not survive.

This belief made me become more resolute than ever to follow my dreams and I finally found the courage to put everything I had into music. And I mean everything: money, time, energy, patience, resilience, determination, dedication – all of it got thrown at music.

Once I had plucked up enough courage to do the very thing I was so fearful of doing, the fear melted away – not just in regards to my creativity, but throughout my entire life.

Of course I still feel fear because I’m a human being, but now I have the will to plough right on through it.

We must remember that the thing we are most afraid of doing – especially regarding our creativity – is often where our magic lies – or where our life’s purpose resides, so it’s really important we act in spite of our fears. And when we do, we realise there is actually nothing really there to be afraid of. It’s just an illusion of shadows.

Perhaps regarding fear as an outside force trying to manipulate your thoughts seems zany. It might be. But what I’m interested in is getting to the very bottom of the root of what causes that thought, that then triggers that emotion. And I’m talking deeper than a set of circumstances that happened to you as a child, or the result of social programming.

I found it fascinating that, simply by convincing myself that the fear was not mine so to speak, it somehow gave me the courage to overcome the fear. This therefore suggests to me that we can overcome fears simply by choosing to entertain another way of thinking – and believing in that. So my suggestion to you is to investigate new beliefs that will change your way of thinking and eventually liberate you from the bondage of fear.

If this way of thinking doesn’t resonate with you, but you struggle to overcome your fears by just doing it anyway, there is another nifty little trick you can use to overcome fear – and that’s to actually flip it on its head and use fear as motivational fuel.

Let’s say you’re a procrastinator and always find other things to do than working on your dream. So try this: set yourself a daily or weekly goal and tell a few friends about it – then tell them you’ll pay them each £100 if you don’t get it done. Give that a go and see what happens! I’ve got a few more little tricks up my sleeve to help you overcome fear – I’ll be back with more in the next coming weeks!

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