Health & Fitness with Ash Moon

Daydream Believers Podcast hosted by Liz Cirelli

Ash is an amazing personal trainer, dancer/movement artist, and advocate for gender equality.

She explores the world and the terrain of her life with movement, and aims to assist others in creating balanced, healthy and creatively fulfilled lives.

Connect with her at: @ash_moonpt @ashmooon

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Hello my beautiful daydreamers! How are you all doing on this lovely day?

I am in Devon, I’m in my mums lovely conservatory/living room space. You can probably see a bit of sunshine coming in behind me from the garden, although it was raining about 5 seconds ago, it’s been going crazy here! We’ve even got snow in the garden still – everything!

So, I’m here to give you my top tips for living a balanced healthy life, which hopefully will enable you to be more creative and productive as well. I know that when my body feels good, my brain feels good, and I feel more creative and productive in the rest of my life.

I’m going to give you my top tips, 5 of them first, and then go on to your questions. I am going to try and keep it simple, because otherwise I might go off on a schpeel!

So, number 1: Start strong. Start your day strong, start the way you wake up strong. My way is to get up and have a cup of hot water as the first thing to cleanse and wake up my body. I have lemon water and also Himalayan rock salt, and sometimes cranberry tincture, to get the urinary tract going.

The lemon cleanses your body, putting it in to an alkaline state, and the hot water helps to wake up your digestion system. The whole thing together helps your metabolism wake up and burn your energy more effectively throughout the day.

I also find that this gives me a moment to sit and listen to my body, and see where I’m at, see how I’m feeling. Even if it’s 3 minutes in the morning, it gives me a nice base to bounce off.

Number 2: Get moving and shaking! Whatever your style of movement might be, whether it is dance, whether it’s yoga, rock climbing, going to the gym. Whether it’s classes, whether it’s more cardio based, whatever it is that you choose to do…get doing it!

I know that’s easier said than done. I recommend that you try and move for 20-30 minutes a day, every day. You don’t need to be totally killing it in those 20-30 mins, but every day regularly.

Or 3x per week minimum for an hour, and for that hour I would love for you to be really feeling it. Embrace your sweat! We love getting sweaty! Some of the best things in life involve getting sweaty!

So, number 3: eat 3 meals. I don’t want to hear any of that “I’m not a breakfast person” type of business. Again, I know this is easier said than done, everyone has their own habits, but if you can, try and get your 3 meals in a day. And this is going to really help your body regulate its energy.

Having your breakfast is going to set you up for the day, a bit like the lemon water, it wakes you up, gets your metabolism going and gives you energy to start the day (strong!)

Try to have your 3 meals because this lets your body know that it’s going to to get a frequent and regular source of energy coming in, it doesn’t need to panic and store excess energy as fat to use later. When you skip meals your body goes in to panic and it will start storing energy from previous meals, like a 2nd battery, because it knows that it’s going to get starved later, and it will need to have some energy there to keep it (you) ticking over.

So just let your body know that you’re going to feed it. It’s going to get its breakfast, and can do it’s stuff, and then it’s going to get it’s lunch and it’s dinner. It knows it’s got a regular fuel source coming in. Obviously healthy choices is what we want!

Number 4: Cultivate healthy habits, which is kind of everything I’ve just said really- a successful life comes from successful, healthy, habits. I think it says that in “The 12 week year” by Brian Moran and Michael Lennington – the book Liz recommended to us.

The best forecast for your future and what it might look like, comes from your daily habits.

So yes, the things I’ve just said, cultivate them in to healthy habits in your life. Start strong in your day – have a little listen to our body, see how you’re feeling, “ thank you body for being do great!”

Get moving and shaking on a regular basis, even it that means squeezing a walk in after work, I know everyone has busy lives.

Number 3: eat regularly, let your body know that it’s got fuel coming in.

My 5th tip, HAVE FUN! Enjoy it, don’t punish yourself, healthy living and a healthy lifestyle, and creating these healthy habits will only really become habitual if there enjoyable. No one wants to thrash themselves doing things they don’t like. Have fun.

Choose the activities that YOU enjoy, choose the healthy foods that YOU enjoy, so that it’s an enjoyable thing and not a punishment. Our bodies work so hard for us, and they are the most incredible things that have been created in the universe, in my belief.

Utilise them. Use them. They are amazing.

I am constantly talking to my body, especially my feet! I feel like I’m standing on them all the time. I’m like “morning feet! Thank you guys for working so hard!”

So yes, have fun, enjoy the activities you do, choose one that you like. If you don’t like going to the gym because it’s a funny environment then maybe choose something else; go and do some swimming or rock climbing, find a lovely class, or have some you time at home on your yoga mat.

Have fun.”

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